Carbon and composite produce

4tex is the right place when looking for predominantly carbon or composite shafts, cylinders and rollers. The range of products goes from tubes of 5 mm in diameter only up to products that are more than 5m long and 50 cm in diameter.

Karbonový výrobek/produkt
Kompozitový dutý profil
Karbonový válec s povrchovou úpravou – ořez

Here we want to point out that apart from carbon shafts, cylinders and cones it is no problem to supply various kinds of prisms or special profiles with pneumatic expanding. All the above mentioned shapes are manufactured using the method of triaxial braiding combined with carbon winding. These modern methods endow the final product not only with first-quality hardness and strength, but also high resistance, while very low weight is a must.

Karbonové výrobky - různé
Karbonové produkty – kompozity
Kompozitový hranol
Kompozitový odtok do lodě – ukázka pružnosti

All our production precisely reflects our customers’ wishes, we do not buy any kind of semi-product or products from abroad, as we would be unable to guarantee the desired quality. This is another reason why a tailor-made profile is no problem – both in terms of size and physical characteristics. Should the customer wish so, we are able to alter the respective physical characteristics within a certain profile.

Our company is also involved with the use of carbon (composites) in sport, both automobile sport or sport generally. Our products are used for motor boats, boat and windsurfing masts, hockey sticks, bike frames and extremely light seat posts as well as functional and aesthetic elements in automobile sport. Our profiles may also be used for various buildings.

Recently we have started using various fabrics not only because of their aesthetic function. These fabrics may be applied to various profiles by hand, as well as into moulds, thus achieving products more complex in terms of shapes.


One of our latest improvements is the purchase of machines for machine working (lathe, milling machine, column drill…). This machines enable us to machine both metal and composite materials. Therefore we are able to supply cylinders and shafts as complete products that can immediately be assembled.

Metal and composite working

The most required job is machining carbon shafts, which the precision achieved is up to 0.02 mm on the outer surface. Our TOS SV 18 lathe enables us to machine a product up to the length of 1 250 mm. In case products longer than 1 250 mm need machining, our company cooperates with firms that are ready to machine a product longer than 4 m.

To offer complex services, our company also makes use of a big machine drill – TOS VS 32, milling machine and a band saw. Thanks to all this equipment, our company is ready to offer services both for composite materials and machinery production. To be able to ensure high quality, we employ a lathe operator with 35 years of experience.

Our machinery can be used independently.

Do not hesitate to contact us, no matter whether you are a company or an individual customer. We place equal importance to all our contracts.